Levels: Level 1 - 4 First Version
All Industries Revised Version
::National Competency Standards
Competency Standards Competency Code Version
3D Generalist K72S013
Advancing Career Skills BCS04
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Mechanic G50S008
Agriculture Research and Production Assistant A01S020
Agrochemical Sales and Technical Assistant A01S013
Aluminium Fabrication with Interior Decoration F45S019
Aluminium Fabricator F45S003
Animal Feed Mill Operator A01S008
Animal Feed Production Assistant ( Field Operations ) A01S007
Animal Keeper O93S011
Apparel Design Technician D18S012
Aquaculture Technician B05S004
Assistant Bungalow Keeper K74S009
Assistant Factory Officer (Rubber) A01S004
Assistant Factory Officer (Tea) A01S005
Assistant Field Officer (Tea) A01S006
Assistant Producer(Media Product) D22S011
Automobile Air Conditioning Technician G50S001
Automobile Colour Technician G50S019
Automobile Electrician G50S002
Automobile Mechanic G50S003
Automobile Painter G50S004
Automobile Techno Commercial Sales Assistant G52S005
AutoMobile Tinker G50S005
Baker D15S002
Bar Bender F45S001
Bartender H55S004
Bartender H55S012
Basic Competencies to Work BCS01
Batik Artist D17S004
Beautician O93S001
Bio-Medical Technician N85S001
Blaster Painter D28S005
Boat Building Technician D35S001
Boiler Operator E40S005
Book Binder D22S004
Bridal Dresser O93S008
Broadcast Journalist D22S010
Building Career Skills BCS02
Building Services Technician F45S015
Business Associate J65S001
Cake Decorator D15S010
Care Giver N85S010
Care Giver (Please refer N85S010 NCS) N85S015
Caregiver (Elder) N85S022
Cashier (Super Market/ General) K74S003
Child Care Center Operations N85S021
Child Caregiver N85S024
Cinnamon Factory operations A01S010
Cinnamon Field Operations A01S009
Clerk (General) K74S004
Coach (Sports) O92S012
Combine Harvester Operator A01S014
Commis (Pastry & Bakery) D15S007
Communication Assistant I64S002
Community Based Tourism Operations Assistant (Community Based Tourism Operations) I63S007
Community Health Assistant N85S027
Computer Aided Colour Matcher D17S002
Computer Applications Assistant K72S003
Computer Hardware and Network Technician K72S015
Computer Hardware Technician K72S001
Computer Network Technician K72S002
Construction Craftsman (Masonry) F45S005
Construction Equipment Operator F45S008
Construction Equipment Technician G50S010
Construction Site Supervisor F45S006
Cook H55S003
Crane Operator (Level Luffing Jib) I63S009
Crew Member (Pizzeria) H55S025
Dairy Farming Assistant D15S004
Dental Surgery Nurse Assistant N85S004
Desktop Publisher D22S001
Developing Career Skills BCS03
Diesel Engine Mechanic G50S017
Diesel Pump Mechanic G50S013
Disaster Risk Reduction Assistant L75S004
Domestic Housekeeping Assistant O95S001
Domestic Plumber E41S003
Draughtsperson F45S009
Dress Maker/ Tailor (Ladies) D18S009
Driver I60S001
Drug Prevention Assistant N85S028
Dry Cleaning and Laundry Processor O93S003
Early Childhood Development Centre Assistant M80S002
Elder Care Assistant (Please refer N85S010 NCS) N85S016
Electric Motor Winder E40S003
Electrical Appliance Maintenance Technician E40S002
Electrician E40S001
Electrician - Assistant E40S010
Electrician (Domestic) - Please refer E40S001 NCS E40S007
Electronic Appliances Technician D32S003
Elephant Keeper/Mahout O93S010
Elevator Technician F45S014
Embalmer O93S009
Environment Conservation Assistant A02S002
Event Operations O92S007
Fabric Cutter D18S006
Fabric Inspector D17S001
Fabricator (Metal) D28S001
Fiberglass Laminator D26S002
Field Assistant (Agriculture) A01S003
Field Assistant (Forestry) A02S001
Field Assistant Mosquito Control O90S004
Field Officer (Rubber) A01S002
Field Officer (Tea) A01S016
Fireman L75S002
First Aider N85S005
Fish Harvest Technician B05S001
Fishing Gear Repair Assistant B05S005
Fishing Vessel Skipper B05S002
Fitter (General) D28S004
Floating (Fisheries) Vessel Mechanic G50S011
Florist O92S005
Food & Beverage H55S005
Footwear Craftsman D19S001
Four Wheel Tractor Operator A01S015
Fruit & Vegetable Processor D15S001
Gaffer (Film and TV lighting person) O92S003
General Child Care (Please refer N85S010 NCS) N85S018
Graphic Designer D22S002
Ground Control Agent (Sky Diving) H55S019
Guest Relation Officer H55S006
Hair Dresser O93S002
Handloom Craftsman D17S003
Health Care and Supportive Assistant N85S025
Heavy Vehicle Operator I63S002
Homeopathic Dispenser N85S013
Housekeeping Supervisor H55S007
Hydraulic Technician G50S020
ICT Application Assistant (Please refer K72S003 NCS) K72S008
Industrial Electronic Technician D32S002
Industrial Mechatronics Technician D33S001
Industrial Plumber E41S002
Industrial Sewing Machine Mechanic D29S004
Industrial Sewing Machine Operator (Team Member Sewing) D18S001
Information and Communication Technology Technician K72S004
Interior Decorator F45S013
Introduction to working in an Office (Please refer K74S004 NCS) K74S008
Jewellery Maker (Goldsmith) D36S003
Jewellery stone setter D36S002
Journalist (Print Media) D22S008
Laboratory Assistant N85S007
Laboratory Technician (Construction Sector) F45S011
Landscape Development Assistant O92S001
Lapidarist D26S001
Leather product craftsman D19S002
Lifeguard L75S001
Linesman (Electrical) E40S006
Livestock Assistant A01S022
Logistic Operations (Store Keeper) I63S001
Machine Operator (Beverage Industry) D15S006
Machine Operator-Rice Milling A01S021
Machinist D29S001
Make-Up Artist O92S002
Manufacturing Assistant D38S001
Marine Fitter G50S021
Master Tailor (Gents) D18S011
Maternal and Infant care Giver N85S026
Milk Collecting Centre Assistant D15S003
Milking Machine Operator D15S005
Millwright Technician D28S007
Mobile Phone Repair Technician (Please refer G25S003 NCS) K72S009
Mobile Phone Repairing Craftsman G52S003
Motorcycle Mechanic G50S006
Multi Skill Maintenance Craftsman D29S006
Multi Skilled Technician F45S018
Multimedia Designing Associate K72S012
Municipal Solid Waste Operation Assistant O90S002
Municipal Solid Waste Work Supervisor O90S003
Nurse Assistant N85S002
Occupational Safety and Health Officer N85S011
Occupational Safety and Health Officer (Plantation Industry) N85S009
Offset Litho Machine Operator D22S003
Optician (Ophthalmic/Technician) N85S003
Outboard Motor Technician G50S009
Outfit Maker D18S013
Painter (Building) F45S002
Parachute Rigger(Sky Diving) H55S020
Pattern Maker D18S007
Pest Controller O90S001
Petroleum Customer Service Assistant G52S004
Pharmacy Technician N85S012
Phlebotomist N85S023
Photographer K74S005
Physical Fitness Trainer O92S006
Plant Nursery Development Assistant A01S001
Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory Assistant A01S018
Plastic Processing Machine Operator D25S001
Plumber E41S001
Pneumatic Technician E40S004
Preschool Teacher (Early Childhood Development) M80S001
Presenter D22S013
Printing Machine Mechanic D22S005
Production Assistant (Electronic Media) D22S012
Production Supervisor (Sewing) D18S008
Professional Cookery H55S010
Professional Cookery (Please refer H55S003 NCS) H55S014
Quality Controller(Apparel Production) D18S005
Quantity Surveying Assistant F45S007
Radio, TV and Allied Equipment Repairer D32S001
Receptionist K74S002
Recycling Industry Assistant D37S001
Reefer Container Technician I63S015
Refrigeration & Airconditioning Serviceman D29S005
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician D29S002
Reservation and Ticketing Agent I62S001
Rigger I63S008
Road Construction Craftsman F45S010
Road Construction Site Equipment Operator F45S012
Room Attendant H55S002
Rubber Processing Machine Operator D25S002
Sales Representative G52S001
Scaffoldder F45S016
Screen Printer D22S009
Scuba Diver B05S003
Secretary(Secretarial Practices) K74S001
Security and Surveillance System Technician K72S007
Security Officer L75S003
Shipyard Supervisor D35S002
Software Developer K72S014
Solar Photovoltaic Systems Technician E40S009
Spa and Leisure Tourism Operations Assistant H55S009
Sport Masseur O92S008
Sports Trainer (Physical Fitness) O92S011
Sports, Fitness and Aquatic Centre Assistant O92S009
Supermarket Customer Service Assistant G52S002
Survey Field Assistant K74S006
Survey Plan Repairer K74S007
Tailor D18S004
Tailor (Gents) D18S010
Tea Factory Mechanic D29S003
Tea Factory Officer A01S017
Team Supervisor (Kanganee) A01S011
Telecommunication Technician I64S001
Three Wheeler Mechanic G50S007
Tiler F45S017
Tool and Die Maker D28S003
Tour Guiding I63S005
Tourist Three Wheel Driver / Taxi Driver H55S024
Transport Supervisor I63S010
Travel & Tour Operations I63S006
Trekking/Hiking Guide H55S022
Upholsterer D36S005
Vehicle Body Repair Technician (Painting) G50S015
Vehicle Lube Serviceman I63S016
Vehicle Serviceman and Interior Cleaner I63S004
Vehicular Emission Testing Technician G50S018
Video Editor / Assistant Editor O92S004
Waiter/ Steward H55S001
Warehouse Supervisor I63S013
Water Craft Operator H55S023
Web Developer K72S005
Welder D28S002
Welder (Manual Metal Arc) D28S006
Wharf Clerk I63S003
Wheel Alignment Technician G50S014
Wheel Alignment Technician G50S016
Wood Carving Artist D36S004
Wood Craftsman (Building) F45S004
Wood Craftsman (Furniture) D36S001
Work Study Officer D18S002

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